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Leadership Team

Learn more about Versiti’s leadership team, including its board officers, board of directors, executive team and more.

Our Leadership

Versiti’s executive leadership team is committed to fostering a culture of conviction, strength, progress and success. Our workforce includes diverse individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, religions, ages, abilities and education. We’re proud of our leadership teams and believe that we are stronger together.

Chris Miskel

President and CEO
Chris Miskel

Brian Bautista

EVP and Chief Operating Officer
Brian Bautista

Lynne Briggs

VP and Chief Information Officer
Lynne Briggs

Barbara Bryant, MD, FCAP, FASCP

EVP and Chief Medical Officer
Barbara Bryant, MD, FCAP, FASCP

Michael W. Deininger, MD, PhD

EVP and Chief Scientific Officer Versiti Blood Research Institute
Michael W. Deininger, MD, PhD

Jessica Drouillard

VP and Chief Quality Officer
Jessica Drouillard

Gretchen Jameson

EVP and Chief Marketing Officer
Gretchen Jameson

Colleen McCarthy

VP of Versiti Organ and Tissue
Colleen McCarthy

Kelley McCaskill

VP of Philanthropy
Kelley McCaskill

Brad Pietz

EVP and Chief Laboratory Officer
Brad Pietz

Bart Reuter

EVP and Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
Bart Reuter

Derek Tyus

EVP and Chief Financial Officer
Derek Tyus

Jim Weidner

EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer
Jim Weidner

Versiti Board Officers and Directors

  • Fred Geilfuss, II, Chairman
  • Alan Whaley, Vice Chairman
  • Sherry Husa, Secretary
  • Ron Miller, Treasurer

  • Nicholas Bauer
  • Coreen Dicus-Johnson
  • Fred Geilfuss, II
  • David Ginsburg, MD
  • Cecelia Gore
  • Gail Hanson
  • Thomas J. Hauske, Jr.
  • Sherry Husa
  • Dale Kent
  • Robert H. Manegold
  • Jeffrey McDonald
  • Ron Miller
  • Chris Miskel
  • Maggey Oplinger
  • John Perras
  • Kathy Thornton-Bias
  • Gregory Wesley
  • Alan Whaley
  • Peter Ziegler

Versiti Blood Research Institute Foundation Board

  • Dr. Andy Anderson, RWJ Barnabas Health, Secretary
  • Mr. Dixon Benz II, Benz Oil, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Samuel Bradt, Community Volunteer
  • Mr. Guy Crane, Dodi Group, Treasurer
  • Ms. Louise Crowley, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Mr. William Crowley, Community Volunteer
  • Mr. Jason Dvorak
  • Mr. Fred Geilfuss, II
  • Mr. Emery Harlan, MWH Law Group
  • Mrs. Kathy Klein, Strategic Wealth Partners
  • Mr. Robert Manegold, Community Volunteer
  • Mr. Chris Miskel, Versiti
  • Mr. Abhishek Pulakanti, Baird Asset Management
  • Dr. John Raymond, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Mr. Johan Segerdahl, Iron Block Holdings
  • Ms. Suzanne Stemper, Community Volunteer
  • Mrs. Julia Syburg, Community Volunteer, Chair

State Community Advisory Boards

  • Charles Alexander, PsyD
  • Kristyn Benedyk
  • Stephanie Capanna
  • Veronica Fitzpatrick
  • Amanda Fowler Balsan
  • Caroline Hamilton
  • Patrick Hebert
  • Mark Hutchinson, MD
  • Arpeja Love
  • Tracy Olawumi, EdD
  • Ben Parker
  • Erin and Kelly Robinson
  • Hubert Stalling

  • L. Allen (Skip) Whaley, Chair
  • Rob Baker
  • Julie Cole
  • Sherry Hatcher
  • Michael Kaufmann
  • Michael Lofton
  • James McGill, MD
  • Charles Miraglia, MD
  • Sarah Notestine
  • Angeli Rampersad, MD
  • Kent Robertson, MD
  • Shayna Sangster

  • Kelsey Bako
  • Tim Booth
  • Jim Childress
  • Evan Frick
  • Jan Ganzel
  • Rev. Dr. Willie Gholston, III
  • Jay Jacobs
  • Kerry Jantz
  • Jarrad Pitts
  • Cindy Weber

  • Dr. Scott Scrape
  • Kimberly McCalla
  • Laura Stillion
  • Kelly Scheiderer
  • Felice Thomas
  • Anthony Murphy
  • Lindsey Pia
  • Eric Wygle
Our Experts
Research investigators, postdoctoral fellows and laboratory staff at Versiti Blood Research Institute and Diagnostic Laboratories.
About Us
Versiti is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) blood health organization with locations across the Midwest. Its world-class capabilities blood donation, innovative research and state-of-the-art diagnostic testing.
Versiti Blood Research Institute
Versiti Blood Research Institute investigators study blood disorders like hemophilia, blood cancers like leukemia, and other blood diseases.
Ways to Give
You can support Versiti’s mission in several ways, including donating blood, hosting a blood drive, joining the organ and tissue donor registry, and more.