Our Lab Directors

Meet Versiti Diagnostic Labs’ team of laboratory directors.

Versiti Diagnostic Laboratories include:

In addition to managing laboratory operations, many lab directors are experts in hematology and transfusion medicine, and conduct basic and clinical research through Versiti Blood Research Institute.

Matthew Anderson, MD, PhD

VP and Medical Director, Diagnostic Laboratories, Associate Investigator
Matthew  Anderson, MD, PhD

Juliana Perez Botero, MD

Associate Medical Director, Hematology, Associate Investigator
Juliana Perez Botero, MD

Brian Curtis, PhD, D(ABMLI), MT(ASCP) SBB

Senior Director, Diagnostic Hematology, Senior Investigator
 Brian  Curtis, PhD, D(ABMLI), MT(ASCP) SBB

Kenneth Friedman, MD

Senior Medical Director, Hematology, Investigator
Kenneth  Friedman, MD

Sandra L Haberichter, PhD

Director, Hemostasis, Senior Investigator
Sandra L  Haberichter, PhD

Kathleen Puca, MD, MT (ASCP) SBB

Senior Medical Director, Transfusion Medicine
Kathleen Puca, MD, MT (ASCP) SBB

Rowena Punzalan, MD

Medical Director, Hematology and Transfusion Medicine
Rowena Punzalan, MD

Jennifer J. Schiller, PhD, D(ABHI)

Sr. Director, Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics
Jennifer J.  Schiller, PhD, D(ABHI)

Angela Treml, MD

Medical Director, Transfusion Medicine
Angela Treml, MD
Diagnostic Laboratories
Diagnostic laboratory services including HLA testing, donor testing, immunohematology reference lab testing, hematology testing and more.
Hematology Genetics Testing
The Hematology Genetic Testing Lab provides specialized hematology genetics custom testing panels, single gene testing and more.
Hematology Testing
Versiti provides von Willebrand factor tests, aHUS diagnosis, hemophilia lab tests and other laboratory diagnosis of bleeding and clotting disorders.
Immunohematology Reference Lab
Versiti’s Immunohematology Reference Laboratories (IRL) are highly specialized areas that focus on the identification and resolution of red cell transfusion-related problems.