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Patient Pharmacy

Pharmacy services for patients at Versiti Comprehensive Center for Bleeding Disorders.

Pharmacy Services for Patients

Many of the patients treated at Versiti Comprehensive Center for Bleeding Disorders (CCBD) choose to obtain their clotting factor products from Versiti’s pharmacy. Our pharmacy staff is part of the comprehensive care team at CCBD and specialize in the medications you need to manage your condition. This integrated care approach means that pharmacists are in close communication with the CCBD care team and are kept informed regarding product requirements and treatment schedules.

Because CCBD is a federally recognized hemophilia treatment center (HTC), we are able to participate in the U.S. government’s 340B Drug Pricing Program. This program allows us to purchase the medications at a discounted rate and pass on the savings to the patients we serve. The 340B program saves our patients money, maximizes insurance benefits and reduces the total cost to the healthcare system.

Our patient services coordinator and the pharmacy team are here to:

  • Customize our services to meet individual needs
  • Arrange delivery of medications directly to patients’ homes
  • Provide all ancillary supplies needed
  • Bill insurance companies on patients’ behalf
  • Provide information on manufacturer copay assistance and other programs
  • Arrange for training on home infusion techniques through the CCBD clinical team
  • Provide sharps containers for waste removal

Versiti’s pharmacy provides a comprehensive line of products from all manufacturers, including:

  • FVIII products to treat hemophilia A
  • FIX products to treat hemophilia B
  • Bypass agents to treat inhibitors
  • von Willebrand concentrates to treat von Willebrand disease
  • Other products used to treat rare bleeding disorders

Joe Bailey

Joe, a pharmacist on our team, is reviewing a homecare order to ensure its accuracy.

Pharmacy 2

Mark, a patient coordinator on our team, is engaging in conversation with a patient who is placing an order for additional factor.


Amber, a patient coordinator on our team, is carefully reviewing homecare paperwork before filing it.

Ralph Woods

Director, Pharmacy Program

Yousra Abuasi


Joe Bailey


Amber Corrao

Pharmacy Coordinator

Sara Ramos

Pharmacy Tech

Mark Santiago

Pharmacy Coordinator

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