Versiti - HLA Loss of Heterozygosity Testing

HLA Loss of Heterozygosity

HLA LOH assay for patients with post-transplant relapse.

HLA Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH)

The HLA Loss of Heterozygosity Evaluation is intended for detecting and characterizing the presence or absence of genomic loss of heterozygosity in the HLA region for patients with post-transplant relapse. The HLA LOH assay starts with flow cytometric enrichment of relapsing cells, followed by genomic analysis using two different methods to ensure accurate detection of genomic loss.

HLA LOH Testing Approach

  • Flow cytometric analysis and sorting for the enrichment of relapsing cells provides high sensitivity.
  • Two methods for genomic analysis provide spatial information across the MHC region and high-resolution allelic detail across all classical HLA loci for a complete genomic picture applicable in all transplant patient donor pairs. 
  • Versiti provides interpretation on HLA loss in the context of the patient and donor HLA antigens. Loss of the non-shared alleles may indicate a loss of the graft leukemia effect from the transplant.

Novel Multi-Analytic Clinical Diagnostic Assay

Versiti’s HLA LOH evaluation detects genomic loss of heterozygosity and may indicate a loss of graft vs. leukemia effect, render treatments such as donor leukocyte infusion ineffective, and impact donor selection for future allogeneic HCT. Learn more about this assay and view Versiti’s abstract and poster presented at ASH’s annual meeting.

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