Versiti - Clinical Trial Services

Clinical Trial Services

Comprehensive, customized clinical trial services.

Versiti Clinical Trials

Versiti, Cenetron and Salus IRB come together as Versiti Clinical Trials to offer a comprehensive suite of services for clinical trial partners. Our offerings include:

Versiti Clinical Trials has aided pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and other organizations in setting a solid foundation for their clinical trial needs, including laboratory testing, data management, site management and more.

Learn more about how Versiti Clinical Trials can help your trial through every phase, every day.


Now Available: Flow Cytometry

Learn more about how Cenetron’s in-house flow cytometry technology can enhance your clinical trial.

Blood Products and Components
Versiti provides blood products to hospitals, medical centers and blood centers to meet patient need, and biomaterials to support research projects.
Diagnostic Laboratories
Diagnostic laboratory services including HLA testing, donor testing, immunohematology reference lab testing, hematology testing and more.
Our Experts
Research investigators, postdoctoral fellows and laboratory staff at Versiti Blood Research Institute and Diagnostic Laboratories.
Specialty Products & Services
Versiti offers a number of specialty products and services, including matched platelets, autologous and directed donations, and therapeutic phlebotomy.