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Molecular Biology Core Lab

The Molecular Biology Core offers automated DNA sequencing services and houses and maintains a real-time PCR detection system and a suspension array system.

Instrumentation and Applications

ABI 3100x1 Genetic Analyzer

Automated sequencing is performed on an ABI 3100x1 Genetic Analyzer. This capillary-based platform allows for processing of up to 96 samples in 18 hours. Samples are run within 1-2 days and yield a high-quality read length of 600+ base pairs.

Illumina NextSeq 500 DNA Sequencer

This next-generation sequencer offers the power of high-throughput sequencing in a benchtop instrument. It is well suited for gene expression profiling and CHIP sequencing applications.

Agilent 2200 TapeStation

The TapeStation offers quick, reliable sample quality control for the NextSeq 500. The system uses disposable Agilent ScreenTape that is available for DNA, RNA and protein applications.

Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-time PCR System

This 7500 RT PCR System uses a five-color platform calibrated for FAM/SYBR Green I, VIC/JOE, NED/TAMRA/Cy3, ROX/Texas Red and Cy5 dyes.

Life Technologies QuantStudio 6 Real-time PCR System

Real-time PCR can be performed on this instrument, which detects five colors, including SYBR detection and TaqMan detection. One can easily change among 96-well, 96-well fast and 384-well formats. Common applications include gene expression profiling, miRNA profiling, SNP genotyping and copy number validation.

Bio-Plex Array Reader and Microplate Platform

The flow-based, dual-laser array reader classifies each bead and its associated assay and quantitates the amount of analyte captured. The microplate platform permits automated processing of samples from 96-well microplates in approximately 30 minutes. Using as little as 12 µl of serum or other biological sample per multiplex assay, this bioassay system allows for simultaneous detection and quantitation of up to 100 different analytes in a single well.


Contact Information

Cindy Opansky
Senior Research Technologist

Accreditations & Licenses

ABI 3100x1 Genetic Analyzer

Generally, users perform their own cycle sequencing reactions using ABI’s Big Dye Terminator chemistry (Versiti Blood Research Institute internal users can purchase their sequencing reagents from the core lab). The turnaround time is typically 1-2 working days after sample submission. For a nominal fee, users may request complete sample sequencing reaction preparation. Templates and primers are submitted separately in water. Users who opt for this service should contact us prior to sample submission to ensure proper processing of your samples.

Next Generation Sequencing (NextSeq 500)

Users are trained to use the NextSeq 500 by the core lab staff. Users prepare their own libraries and can check the quality of their samples with the TapeStation that is available in the core. Users purchase their own flow cells for the NextSeq 500. There is a run charge to support the service of the NextSeq 500.

Quantitative (Real-time) PCR Policies

Interested users should sign up before using the instrument. Signup is done on Outlook Public Folders under Core Schedules.

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