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Versiti Blood Research Institute sponsors several seminar series and lectures throughout the year.

Seminars and Lectures

Versiti Blood Research Institute (VBRI) sponsors several seminars and lectures throughout the year, bringing together graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and investigators to hear talks by nationally and internationally known scientists whose work is relevant to blood research at VBRI. The VBRI Seminar Committee’s mission is to support the VBRI seminars and provide outlines for a diverse group of seminar speakers and a good balance across the scientific disciplines of interest to VBRI. 

Versiti Medical Sciences Institute coordinates several continuing medical education and clinical research seminars and lectures throughout the year. The group includes a variety of physicians, clinical investigators, transfusion medicine fellows, clinical trial and research office staff, and other Versiti department staff. Topics are related to hematology and hematologic disorders, with a particular focus on proposed or ongoing clinical research.

The Mosesson Lecture on Thrombosis, established by Investigator Emeritus Michael W. Mosesson, MD, brings an outstanding researcher in thrombosis medicine to VBRI each year.

The Aster Lecture in Transfusion Medicine, presented annually, has historically brought a prominent researcher in the field of platelet biology to the Versiti Blood Research Institute. This lecture is presented in honor of Senior Investigator Emeritus Richard H. Aster, MD, who served as president and CEO for 26 years prior to his longstanding role as a senior investigator (pre-retirement).

Established in 2007 as the Trainee Invited Lecture and renamed in 2017 by the Versiti Blood Research Institute Foundation Board, the Jacquelyn Fredrick Lecture is hosted by VBRI's postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. This lecture was named upon CEO Jacquelyn Fredrick’s retirement, when the Versiti Board of Directors donated funds in her name to honor her passion and devotion to education.

The R. Douglas Ziegler Innovative Research Lecture was endowed by Peter and Joan Ziegler in honor of Peter’s father Doug, who was a longtime supporter of Versiti and served as a former Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin board member for many years. The Zieglers are recognized innovators in business and believe that innovation is one of the hallmarks of a successful organization. The yearly Ziegler Innovation Lecture was created to promote further innovation at Versiti by sponsoring speakers to share their perspectives on innovation in research and clinical care.

This lecture is dedicated to the work of Dr. Janice McFarland on thrombocytopenic disorders. In particular, it emphasizes the importance of platelet transfusions and diagnosis and management of families, fetuses and newborns with alloimmune thrombocytopenia. This lecture is devoted to raising the importance of these topics and highlighting improvements in their diagnosis and treatment by recognizing the work that Dr. McFarland did to advance the field.

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