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John Pulikkan, PhD - Associate Investigator

Our Investigators

Meet Versiti Blood Research Institute’s team of investigators.

Investigators at the world-renowned Versiti Blood Research Institute are experts in all areas of blood health innovation, including transfusion medicine and benign and malignant hematology. Many investigators also hold appointments at Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin, enabling them to conduct basic, clinical and translational research in their area of expertise.

Michael Deininger, MD, PhD

Mike and Cathy White Endowed Chair, EVP and Chief Scientific Officer
Michael   Deininger, MD, PhD

Karin Hoffmeister, MD

Hauske Family Endowed Chair in Glycobiology, Deputy Director
Karin  Hoffmeister, MD

Alan E. Mast MD, PhD

Walter Schroeder Endowed Chair for Blood Research, Senior Investigator and Program Leader
Alan E.  Mast MD, PhD

L. William Cashdollar, PhD

Director, Core Laboratories, Investigator
L. William  Cashdollar, PhD

Ralph Federspiel, CRA

Director, Research Strategy and Initiatives
Ralph Federspiel, CRA

John Mabry, PhD

Director of Research Innovation & Technology Transfer
John Mabry, PhD

Gregory Wendling, MBA, CRA

Associate Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
Gregory Wendling, MBA, CRA

Brian Branchford, MD

Associate Medical Director, Associate Investigator
Brian  Branchford, MD

Bonnie N. Dittel, PhD

Dr. Gilbert C. White II Endowed Faculty Chair, Senior Investigator
Bonnie N. Dittel, PhD

Subramaniam Malarkannan, PhD

Senior Investigator & Gardetto Chair for Immunology and Immunotherapy
Subramaniam  Malarkannan, PhD

Peter J. Newman, PhD

Jacquelyn Fredrick Endowed Chair for Foundational Research, Senior Investigator
Peter J. Newman, PhD

Demin Wang, PhD

John B. and Judith A. Gardetto Chair for Cancer Research, Senior Investigator
Demin  Wang, PhD

Hartmut Weiler, PhD

Ziegler Family Chair for Research, Senior Investigator
Hartmut  Weiler, PhD

Matthew Anderson, MD, PhD

VP and Medical Director, Diagnostic Laboratories, Associate Investigator
Matthew  Anderson, MD, PhD

Lisa Baumann Kreuziger, MD, MS

Medical Director, Hematology, Investigator
Lisa Baumann Kreuziger, MD, MS

Brian Curtis, PhD, D(ABMLI), MT(ASCP) SBB

Senior Director, Diagnostic Hematology, Senior Investigator
 Brian  Curtis, PhD, D(ABMLI), MT(ASCP) SBB

Veronica Flood, MD

Associate Medical Director, Investigator
Veronica  Flood, MD

Kenneth Friedman, MD

Senior Medical Director, Hematology, Investigator
Kenneth  Friedman, MD

Sandra L Haberichter, PhD

Director, Hemostasis, Senior Investigator
Sandra L  Haberichter, PhD

Lynn Malec, MD, MSc

Medical Director, Hematology, Associate Investigator
Lynn Malec, MD, MSc

Juliana Perez Botero, MD

Associate Medical Director, Hematology, Associate Investigator
Juliana Perez Botero, MD
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Versiti Blood Research Institute, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, includes basic and clinical researchers in a variety of blood health fields.
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Versiti Blood Research Institute investigators study blood disorders like hemophilia, blood cancers like leukemia, and other blood diseases.