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John Mabry, PhD

John John profile

John Mabry, PhD

Director, Research Innovation & Technology Transfer

Education and Training

Master of Business Administration
Virginia Commonwealth University

Postdoctoral Training
Cornell University

Doctoral Training
New England Board of Higher Education
University of New Hampshire

Bachelor of Science
Hampton University

Contact Information

Dr. Mabry’s role of director spans all aspects of intellectual property, licensing, business development, and building and maximizing relationships to introduce innovations to the world.

Prior to joining Versiti, Dr. Mabry was Director of Portfolio Management & Sponsor Relations at the Medicines For All Institute (M4All) at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. In this role, he worked toward development and production of FDA-quality therapeutics and identified and managed relationships for the transference of this knowledge to U.S.-based pharmaceutical manufacturers.

He also spent 14 years at the United States Patent & Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA. There, he held various leadership positions, including acting supervisory patent examiner, project manager and training manager. He specialized in evaluating cutting-edge technologies and making legal decisions on their patentability.

Dr. Mabry is passionate about taking ideas from the research setting and ushering them through the development, intellectual property and commercialization processes to bring lifesaving products to the patients who need them.

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