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Core Facilities & Services

Specialized research services for investigators.

Core Laboratories

Versiti Blood Research Institute’s core labs provide specialized research services to investigators. Along with the latest technology in equipment and software, our core facilities are staffed by technologists and professionals with a high level of expertise, and each includes a member of the Internal Scientific Advisory Committee available for consultation on experimental design and data analysis.

Biophysics Core Lab
The Biophysics Core Lab consists of BIACore, which provides data-gathering services to Versiti Blood Research Institute investigators.
Flow Cytometry Core Lab
Flow cytometry services include specialized instruments, including FACS lasers and cell sorters, along with sophisticated software like FlowJo.
Gene Editing Core Lab
Gene editing lab services include CRISPR gene editing, expertise in gRNA cloning protocol and other gene editing experiments for scientists.
GMP Facility Core Lab
The GMP lab consists of a vector production facility that operates under the direction of Versiti Blood Research Institute and the Medical College of Wisconsin.
Histology Core Lab
The histology core lab is a blood histology and tissue processing lab that provides tissue sectioning, preparation, staining and cryostat services.
Hybridoma Core Lab
The hybridoma core lab offers production of monoclonal antibodies, including mouse hybridoma, hybridoma antibody production and more.
Microscopic Imaging Core Lab
The Microscopic Imaging Core Lab provides researchers access to a variety of microscope systems. Core Lab staff train users and provide guidance with image acquisition and analysis.
Molecular Biology Core Lab
Molecular labs at Versiti provide automated DNA sequencing services, real-time PCR detection, SNP genotyping and more core lab offerings.
Protein Chemistry Core Lab
The Protein Chemistry Core Lab supports custom peptide synthesis, 2-D electrophoresis, digital imaging and more using state-of-the-art equipment.
Thrombosis Core Lab
Thrombosis Core supports investigators studying thrombosis and hemostasis with equipment like VenaFlux from Cellix and more.
Viral Vector Core Lab
The Viral Vector Core Laboratory provides a number of vector design services that focus on adenovirus, retrovirus, lentivirus and adeno-associated virus.

Research Offices

Clinical Trials & Research Office
Versiti’s clinical research office manages the relationship between clinical trials and human volunteers for medical studies.
Office of Research Innovation & Technology Transfer
Patenting, grant management, licensing and contract negotiation services for technological advances across Versiti and Versiti Blood Research Institute.


Versiti Blood Research Institute’s hematology biobank will help advance lifesaving research discoveries through well-typed patient donor samples.

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