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Hematopoiesis & Stem Cell Biology

Signals and factors that regulate normal and disordered hematopoiesis.

Stem Cell Biology & Hematopoiesis Research


Stem Cell Biology & Hematopoiesis brings Versiti Blood Research Institute into the fields of regenerative medicine and targeted cellular therapies. This program reflects Versiti’s ongoing commitment to expanding basic research in areas that will ultimately lead to improved understanding and treatment of blood cell-related disorders.

Housed in a new wing of Versiti Blood Research Institute, investigators use cutting-edge technology to study and reveal molecular mechanisms related to the regulation of stem cell properties and B cell development.

Scientific Programs
Scientific research and training are important parts of Versiti’s mission. Our research programs involve basic and clinical scientists at Versiti Blood Research Institute.
Funding Research
Versiti Blood Research Institute Foundation accepts financial and philanthropic gifts from donors, which helps to propel lifesaving research.
Our Experts
Research investigators, postdoctoral fellows and laboratory staff at Versiti Blood Research Institute and Diagnostic Laboratories.
Versiti Blood Research Institute
Versiti Blood Research Institute investigators study blood disorders like hemophilia, blood cancers like leukemia, and other blood diseases.