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Gregory Wendling, MBA, CRA

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Gregory Wendling, MBA, CRA

Associate Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

Education and Training

Master of Business Administration
National Louis University

Bachelor of Arts
Goshen College

Contact Information

In 2023, Greg Wendling was promoted to Associate Director, Office of Sponsored Programs (formerly known as the Grants and Contracts Office). In his role, he oversees the OSP; interfaces with sponsors and partnering institutions; focuses on initiatives to strengthen all aspects of compliance with federal, state, institution and sponsor requirements; and leads initiatives that position Versiti Blood Research Institute toward further growth and success.

Greg joined Versiti in 2018 as Senior Grants and Contracts Program Coordinator. In 2020, he became the Supervisor, Grants and Contracts Program, and has twice served as the Interim Director of Research Administration for Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin.

Greg has been a research administrator since 2005. He earned his Master of Business Administration in 2012 and became a Certified Research Administrator in 2018.

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