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Popular Tests

2722 - HLA Loss of Heterozygosity Evaluation
5603 - Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia (NAIT)-Initial Testing Maternal with Paternal
3111 - DAT Negative Hemolytic Anemia Evaluation
1800 - VWD Diagnostic Evaluation
1070 - VWF GPIbM Activity
5544 - Platelet Autoantibodies
9000 - Drug-Dependent Platelet Antibody
Diagnostic Laboratories
Diagnostic laboratory services including HLA testing, donor testing, immunohematology reference lab testing, hematology testing and more.
Donor Testing Laboratory
The Versiti Donor Testing Laboratory conducts blood bank tests that determine donor and recipient matches and suitability for transfusion.
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Specialty Products & Services
Versiti offers a number of specialty products and services, including matched platelets, autologous and directed donations, and therapeutic phlebotomy.