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Protein S Antigen, Total and Free

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Test Information
This test provides the antigen level of the blood coagulation factor, Protein S. This protein is one of the regulatory proteins in the blood clotting cascade.
Also Known As Icon
Also Known As
  • Protein S
  • PS Ag
  • PS Antigen
Test Type Icon
Test Type
Functional/Serologic Test
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Sample Notes
Citrated Plasma (light blue top)
Requested Volume Icon
Requested Volume
2 aliquots of 1ml each
Minimum / Pediatric Volume Icon
Minimum / Pediatric Volume
2 aliquots of 1ml each
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Additional Sample Information
Patient should be off warfarin for at least 2 weeks before drawing sample.
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Shipping Information
CPT Codes Icon
CPT Codes
  • 85305
  • 85306
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Microlatex Particle - Mediated Immunoassay
Turnaround Time Icon
Turnaround Time
7-10 days
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New York State Approval
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DEX Z-Code™
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