Versiti - heART of Community | Championing Diversity & Inclusion

Versiti Gives Back to Our Community

People are the heart of our lifesaving mission. Versiti is proud to collaborate with our diverse populations on art, advocacy, and health and well-being initiatives for all.

Versiti gives back in more ways than blood donation. Our heART of Community initiatives bring people together to improve our health and strengthen our communities

Our powerful heART of Community projects are a celebration of our commitment to the health of diverse populations. We believe that the more diverse our communities, the more vibrant and beautiful they are. heART of Community supports the idea that the strength of our communities depends on the health of the people within them. We are dedicated to collaborating with people of the community, local organizations, businesses, and community leaders.


Pave the Way

By paving broken down or underfunded basketball courts in communities of diverse talent, we will help build trust and relationships and invest in the future of our youth.

Versiti on King

The Versiti on King a community resource center, part of the ThriveOn King Collaboration, will be home to Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin and will address healthcare disparities in Milwaukee neighborhoods and beyond through training and employment, education, and blood donation.


Stand Out From the Inside Podcast Series

This podcast is about educating and engaging diverse audiences through advocacy, leadership and standing out as a local beacon of hope.

Meet Brad Bernard

heART of Community artist Brad Bernard’s work focuses on culture, history and the human condition as it relates to life. The conceptual inspiration for his LifeLine piece is rooted on the idea that African Americans are often marginalized and identified by place of birth or residence…

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