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Versiti Rewards Program

Ohio State University Buckeyes can earn rewards for reaching blood donation milestones in a calendar year. Donate blood with Versiti to start earning gifts.

The more you donate blood within the year, the more rewards you can earn, so come back to donate early and often for fun and exclusive gifts from Versiti and Ohio State Athletics.

Thank You

Dear Buckeye student or supporter, thank you for your decision to donate lifesaving blood! We hope you’ll come back soon to save lives again!

To show our appreciation, we’ve created a rewards program for all donors. We'll celebrate your donation milestones with special gifts for returning donors at our Mill Run donor center.


Milestone Donation Levels:

Without amazing blood donors like you, we simply could not do the work of strengthening our community through blood donation. Each blood donation helps a local patient in need. Our whole community is grateful for your generosity. 

About Blood Donation
Donate blood, donate plasma or donate platelets at a blood donation center near you or a blood drive near you. Make an appointment to donate blood today.
Types of Donations
Volunteer to donate blood at a blood donation center near you. Find out how often you can donate blood and make an appointment to donate today.
Where to Donate Blood Near You
There are may options where you can make your blood, platelet, or plasma donation. Your donations provide hospitals in your community with precious blood products that patients desparately need.
Based in Columbus, Versiti Blood Center of Ohio provides blood, blood products, and specialty laboratory services to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.