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Amy Barwick

“I benefitted greatly from my experience, so I’ve always been a huge advocate for organ and tissue donation.”

Amy Barwick

Amy Barwick knows firsthand the impact that tissue donation can make. She was born with a congenital spinal deformity called Scheuermann kyphosis, which causes the spine to become curved. As a child, she wore a back brace, but her condition worsened as she got older. At age 15, she underwent major back surgery and received a cadaver bone transplant, as well as blood and plasma transfusions, to help her heal.

“It’s a unique situation; they knew I would have a significant amount of blood loss during the surgery, so they had me self-donate,” she says. A week prior to her surgery, Amy donated her blood and plasma, which were then given back to her during the operation, along with blood products from donors.

Thankfully, Amy’s surgery was successful, restoring her movement and quality of life. “I benefitted greatly from my experience, so I’ve always been a huge advocate for organ and tissue donation,” she says. “A lot of my personal experience has driven me to my career path as a physical therapist. I’m not saving anyone’s life, but I’m trying to make it better. I understand how important that is.”

When it came time to deliver her second child, Amy wanted to give back by donating her placenta, which can be used to help burn victims, people with diabetic ulcers and many more. “I liked that it was able to help people; otherwise, it would just go in the garbage,” she says. “If people can benefit from this, I would love that.”

In addition to walking the walk, Amy talks the talk by advocating for organ and tissue donation. “It’s the gift of life; try putting yourself in their shoes,” she says. “If you needed it, would you accept it? If you would accept it, you should give it. It’s a full circle.”

Every 10 minutes, someone is added to the organ transplant waiting list.

Approximately 113,000 men, women, and children are waiting for life-saving organ transplants. One organ donor has the power to save up to eight lives and change the outcomes of someone’s world forever by giving them a second chance. Additionally, tissue donation can save and improve the lives of up to 75 people with their gifts. You can make a huge impact by registering as an organ and tissue donor.

Learn more about organ and tissue donation, or register as a donor at


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