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TxMD Transfusion Medicine Resources

Transfusion and patient blood management educational materials for healthcare professionals.

TxMD™ Transfusion Medicine Program

TxMD is a collaborative partnership between Versiti and local hospitals. Through support from dedicated, specially trained personnel, our team identifies innovative transfusion medicine solutions to enhance patient safety and establish evidence-based blood administration practices. We strive to enhance the knowledge of all healthcare staff throughout our footprint who are involved with blood transfusion and related activities.

Two levels are offered:

  • Support service to all Versiti blood services clients
  • A TxMD customized program for contracted partners

The TxMD program offers onsite expertise, education, metrics and guidance to deliver sustained change in transfusion practice. Our focus for both service levels is to deliver appropriate, timely blood transfusion education materials and tools to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and advance quality of care.

Patient Blood Management

Patient blood management (PBM) is an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach of various strategies and management during the continuum of care for patients who need transfusions. PBM’s primary goals are to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes by reducing the need for transfusion and appropriately managing a patient’s own blood.

In an increasingly complex healthcare environment, Versiti is committed to working with our hospital partners to support PBM efforts. Our goal is to ensure the right blood product to the right patient, at the right time and for the right reason.

Versiti Guidelines & Resources

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Questions Asked by Customers

ABO specific or compatible cryoprecipitate should be selected for pediatric or neonatal transfusions due to small blood volume of these patients. Single units of group AB cryoprecipitate are available from Versiti for neonates.

For adults (or patients >45 kg) any ABO group is acceptable. (See Acceptable ABO/RhD Substitutions for Blood Products – Adults.) Facilities may decide to limit number of units to avoid adverse effects from excessive volume of incompatible plasma.

Per CAP TRM.42100 (10-24-2022) and AABB BBTS (33rd edition), when a hemolytic transfusion reaction occurs that is suspected to be related to an attribute of the donor or the blood component, the blood supplier must be notified.

Example: Suspected hemolysis due to passive ABO antibodies from ABO-nonspecific platelet transfusion (Group A recipient receives Group O or Group B apheresis platelet).


The irradiation indicator placed on the unit at the time of irradiation is an internal visual quality control check. The ISBT label is the permanent label for the product. The ISBT component code indicates the product has been irradiated and acceptable for patients who require this blood component modification.

Blood Products and Components
Versiti provides blood products to hospitals, medical centers and blood centers to meet patient need, and biomaterials to support research projects.
TxMD Transfusion Education Resources

Browse our information sheets and other materials about transfusion medicine and blood banking.

Continuing Education Scholarship
The Joan Heimler Legacy of Life Scholarship is available to critical care & emergency nursing professionals in Wisconsin who work with organ & tissue donation.
Professional and Continuing Education
Versiti’s beLearning is a continuing education, self-directed learning module for healthcare professionals in blood banking, transfusion medicine and more.
Specialist in Blood Banking Program
Credits earned as part of the Specialist in Blood Banking SBB Program can be used toward a masters of science in transfusion medicine at Marquette Universtiy.
Transfusion Medicine Blood Banking Fellowship
Transfusion medicine blood banking fellowships cover topics including transfusion medicine, therapeutic apheresis, diagnostic laboratory services and more.