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Neonatal Alloimmune Neutropenia (NAN) Panel - Mother

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Test Information
This panel includes: Neutrophil Antigen Genotyping - HNA-1, 3, 4 and 5, and Neutrophil Antibody Identification and HLA Antibody Screen.
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Test Type
Functional/Serologic Test
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Sample Notes
EDTA Whole Blood (lavender top) and Serum
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Requested Volume
10 ml EDTA Whole Blood (lavender top) and 10 ml Serum
Minimum / Pediatric Volume Icon
Minimum / Pediatric Volume
3 ml EDTA Whole Blood (lavender top) and 3 ml Serum
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Additional Sample Information
Serum should be spun down and taken off the clot. Samples must be received within 7 days of draw date.
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Shipping Information
CPT Codes Icon
CPT Codes
  • 81479
  • 86021
  • 86849
  • 86808
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Allele-Specific PCR, PCR and Fluorescent Hydrolysis Probes, Flow Cytometry
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Turnaround Time
7-10 days
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New York State Approval
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DEX Z-Code™
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