Versiti - Field Museum Bloodsuckers Blood Drive Sponsored by Abbott

Bloodsuckers Blood Drive supported by Abbott at the Field Museum

Blood sustains us all. Donate at an upcoming Versiti blood drive and receive free Field Museum admission.

Give blood, get family memories. Be among the first to experience our pioneering mixed reality blood donation experience – and also receive free day of admission to the Field Museum and Bloodsuckers: Legends to Leeches exhibit – when you donate at Versiti’s Bloodsuckers Blood Drive supported by Abbott.

As thanks for saving lives:

  • Participants and 3 guests (up to 4 tickets total) will receive complimentary basic admission plus admission to visit the Bloodsuckers exhibit
  • Plus, Versiti swag, subject to availability

Make an appointment to donate at an upcoming blood drive. Transportation and parking fees are the donor's responsibility.

About Mixed Reality

The future of blood donation is here. Abbott, Blood Centers of America and Versiti Blood Centers are proud to introduce this new experience in blood donation starting Oct. 27 at the Field Museum in Chicago. Using immersive mixed reality technology, we are revolutionizing the blood donation experience by making it easier and more relaxing.

About Bloodsuckers

Blood sustains us all. Patients rely on your lifesaving blood donations, and there is no substitute for it today. Donate blood opening weekend and receive free admission the day you donate to uncover the world of bloodsucking animals, insects and legendary creatures, and mythical stories they’ve inspired.


Field Museum Bloodsuckers Blood Drive Sponsored by Abbott

August 31, 2024
10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Donate blood and experience Mixed Reality at Versiti’s Field Museum Bloodsuckers Blood Drive sponsored by Abbott. The future of blood donation is here.

Couple performing their pre-donor questionnaire on their phone and tablet.


VersiPASS is a one-stop shop for donors across Versiti’s footprint to review reading materials and complete their health history questionnaire privately, prior to arriving for their donation. We look forward to taking care of you at your blood donation appointment later today.

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Importance of Diverse Donors
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