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Tremper High School Blood Drive

40+ years strong. Donate blood at Wisconsin’s largest student-run blood drive.

The entire Kenosha community is invited to donate blood at Tremper High School on March 14, 2024.

For over 40 years, the annual Tremper High School Blood Drive in Kenosha has earned an A+ for effort. Every year, this awesome, student-powered event brings the community together, with hundreds of students, teachers, staff, family members and community members donating blood and saving thousands of lives, all on behalf of Wisconsin hospital patients.

This year’s blood drive is bigger than ever! Join the celebration and donate blood. Free parking, refreshments and other prizes will be provided.

After four decades, the impact of this immense blood drive – the largest student-run blood drive in Wisconsin – is immeasurable. You never know who might need blood: a student, a teacher or even you. Support our students – and support patients in need – by coming out to donate.

Learn a lesson in saving lives. Schedule your donation.

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