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Expanding the Frontiers of Patient Health

Expanding the Frontiers of Patient Health | Versiti Blood Research Institute

Connection, curiosity, and passion. 

Versiti is blood health innovation. From research and diagnostic testing to the sharing of lifesaving gifts, we advance the field of personalized medicine while providing a full continuum of care, comfort, and support in our communities and beyond. The Blood Research Institute is proud to be a beacon of innovation for the world and a beacon of hope for so many individuals. Hope for better treatments. Hope for superior outcomes. Hope for a cure.

Join Versiti Blood Research Institute
Versiti Blood Research Institute, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, includes basic and clinical researchers in a variety of blood health fields.
Scientific Programs
Scientific research and training are important parts of Versiti’s mission. Our research programs involve basic and clinical scientists at Versiti Blood Research Institute.
VBRI Education
Versiti Blood Research Institute researchers and staff have access to medical research seminars, fellowships, training opportunities and more.
Our Experts
Research investigators, postdoctoral fellows and laboratory staff at Versiti Blood Research Institute and Diagnostic Laboratories.