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Platelet Partners

Use this platform to post or claim expiring platelet units from Michigan participating hospitals.

Michigan Platelet Partners, Platelet Sharing Program


Platelet partners is a program created to facilitate the exchanging of platelet units that are scheduled to expire so that they can be utilized by a hospital in another system for their patients. Hospitals that post same day expiring platelets that are then claimed by another hospital receive full credit.

Hospitals that claim the platelet will receive a discount in the form of a statement credit. Product shipping arrangements must be made between the sending and receiving hospital. Versiti will not provide transportation. 

Versiti Blood Center of Michigan
Contact us for program enrollment or questions.

Post An Expiring Platelet Unit


Please choose your hospital group, and then the specific hospital you represent. We allow good stewardship of available units and avoiding product expiration by exchanging within hospital groups. However unit credit is only applied if exchanging with a hospital partner outside of your group.

If you do not see your specific hospital listed please contact

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Available Units

Claim System Hospital Phone Type Exp. Date ABO/Rh Irradiated CMV Negative
University of Michigan Health-West (616) 252-7154 Bacterial Monitoring LVDS 11/29/2023 A neg Yes Yes
University of Michigan Health-West (616) 252-7154 Bacterial Monitoring LVDS 11/29/2023 B pos Yes Yes
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