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Antigen Submission Confirmation

Your Antigen Submission Has Been Received


Thank you for completing our human platelet antigen submission form. Dr. Brian Curtis and his team are reviewing your application and will be contacting you shortly regarding any additional questions or information we may need.

If you have any questions regarding your submission please contact Dr. Brian Curtis at 414-937-6087 or via email at

Diagnostic Laboratories
Diagnostic laboratory services including HLA testing, donor testing, immunohematology reference lab testing, hematology testing and more.
Our Experts
Research investigators, postdoctoral fellows and laboratory staff at Versiti Blood Research Institute and Diagnostic Laboratories.
Human Platelet Antigen (HPA) Database
The database provides a centralized repository for discovered and known human platelet antigens.
Products & Services
Versiti offers a number of products and services for professional partners, including blood products for transfusion, specialty products and therapeutic services.