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VWD Monitoring Profile

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Test Information
Includes Factor VIII Activity - Clot based, VWF Antigen, and VWF GPIbM Activity.
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Also Known As
  • Von Willebrand Disease
  • Von Willebrand Factor
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Disease State
von Willebrand Disease
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Test Type
Functional/Serologic Test
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Sample Notes
Citrated Plasma (light blue top)
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Requested Volume
Three 0.5 mL aliquots
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Minimum / Pediatric Volume
1.2 mL
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Additional Sample Information
Acceptable specimen temperature: Non-refrozen only for F8 Activity, up to 4x refrozen for VWF GPIbM, and up to 5x refrozen for VWF antigen.
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Shipping Information
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CPT Codes
  • 85246
  • 85397
  • 85240
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See Individual Tests
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Turnaround Time
10 days
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DEX Z-Code™