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Doa/Dob Genotyping

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Test Information
Genotyping for the Dombrock antigens, used in the context of hemolytic disease of the newborn or fetus
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Also Known As
  • Dombrock
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Test Type
Genetic Test
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Sample Notes
Fetal: Amniotic Fluid, CVS, Cultured Amniocytes, Cultured CVS, or Fetal Blood; Parental/Patient: EDTA Whole Blood (lavender top)
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Requested Volume
Fetal: 7-15 ml Amniotic Fluid or 5-10 mg CVS, backup culture of Amniocytes or CVS is highly recommended; Two T25 flasks Cultured Amniocytes or CVS (2x10^6 minimum); Parental/Patient: 3-5 ml
Minimum / Pediatric Volume Icon
Minimum / Pediatric Volume
Fetal: Call Laboratory; Parental/Patient: 2 ml
Shipping Information Icon
Shipping Information
Room Temperature
CPT Codes Icon
CPT Codes
  • Fetal: 81479; Blood: 81479
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Allele-Specific PCR
Turnaround Time Icon
Turnaround Time
4-6 days
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New York State Approval
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DEX Z-Code™
Yes, visit
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