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Versiti and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium are working together to find new, fun and creative ways to save more lives WILD ways.

Finding Fun New Ways to Engage Donors


The Columbus Zoo is passionate about encouraging younger generations to give back to their communities. Most people don’t picture exotic animals or family-fun parks when they think about donating blood. But, thanks to our partners at the Columbus Zoo, that is exactly what local donors have in store.

From exciting views of exotic animals to their waterparks, haunted houses and other seasonal festivites, donor events at the Columbus Zoo are different on purpose. Not only do they invite families to come in and have fun, but they also make it easy for donors with families to stay involved without missing out.


It’s the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s mission and encourages people to give back to the world around them, including through blood donation! That’s why the Zoo hosts regular blood drives with Versiti and adds an extra bonus, too: Donors can view giraffes from the comfort of their donation chair! What a great way for every generation to support animal conservation efforts and save human lives.


In addition to hosting blood drives in stunning animal regions like the Heart of Africa, Versiti and the Columbus Zoo go above-and-beyond with incentives that are not only fun for the donors, but for their families as well.

To make sure fun is had by all, donors are often gifted with complimentary admission to the Zoo and Zoombezi Bay, free ride tickets, and entry to events hosted at the Zoo. The Zoo also hosts seasonally-themed donation events during ZOMBIEzi Bay and Wildlights so guests can enjoy the festivities after their appointment!

In order to make sure no one misses out on all the fun, participating donors are often gifted with multiple zoo admission passes, tickets to rides or special events that are being hosted in the zoo grounds, or free admission to the zoo’s Zoombezi Water Park and other family-fun features. Donor incentives that cater to young families make it possible for Columbus Zoo to engage with families in a way that brings people of all ages together to support an incredible cause.

Versiti partners work with us to strengthen local businesses, bring communities together and, above all else, help save lives through the gift of blood donation.

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