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Sue Crowley

“Every time a bag was hung that I knew was someone else’s blood, I was grateful,” she says. “It was pretty miraculous—a gift, over and over.”

Sue Crowley | The Importance of Blood Donation

Sue was diagnosed with leukemia in July 2017 and underwent a series of treatments, including lymphocyte infusions, which finally put her into remission. Throughout her treatment, she received countless blood transfusions that helped keep her body strong enough to beat cancer.

Blood Donation FAQs
Read frequently asked questions involving donor eligibility, donation process, blood safety, platelet donation, plasma donation and more.
Types of Donations
Volunteer to donate blood at a blood donation center near you. Find out how often you can donate blood and make an appointment to donate today.
Importance of Diverse Donors
Diverse blood donations improve blood transfusion outcomes for sickle cell patients and diverse blood recipients. Make an appointment to donate blood.
Where to Donate Blood Near You
There are may options where you can make your blood, platelet, or plasma donation. Your donations provide hospitals in your community with precious blood products that patients desparately need.