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Survivor to Thrivor

Season 2: Episode 1: Striver to Thriver

This podcast episode of “Stand Out from the Inside” features Candace Sanchez. She went from being lost to motivational speaker. She inspires others to share their truth, to talk about taboo topics, to promote healing. From abuse to empty nest syndrome to career change, her experience helps so many others own their past to define their future.

Guest(s): Candace Sanchez

About Our Host:

Edgar Daggett born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI. He currently serves as the Specialty Programs Marketing Associate at Versiti Blood Centers, where he focuses on direct involvement and campaign management on specialty products and diverse groups. Past family experience inspired him to begin his journey at Versiti in 2020. He knew that the need for diverse units was growing year to year, and because of his personal history, he decided to make the change – and help make a change.

Through the Stand Out From the Inside podcast, he hopes to empower new and bright individuals in his community and beyond to spread the word on the need for diverse blood products through donation and blood drives.  

“I hope you all enjoy the Stand Out from the Inside podcast presented by Versiti, where we talk about the needs of the community and ways we can become stronger!”