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Matthew Anderson, MD, PhD

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Matthew Anderson, MD, PhD

VP and Medical Director, Diagnostic Laboratories, Associate Investigator

Education and Training

B.S., University of California San Diego (1995) 
M.D., Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin, Medical Scientist Training Program (2006)
Resident, Anatomic Pathology, Stanford University Medical Center (2006-08) 
Fellow, Hematopathology, Stanford University Medical Center (2009-10 
Fellow, Molecular Genetic Pathology, Stanford University Medical Center (2010-11) 
Director-in-Training, Stanford Histocompatibility, Immunogenetics, and Disease Profiling 
Laboratory, Department of Pathology, Stanford University School of Medicine (2010-11) 

Board Certifications

Anatomic Pathology, American Board of Pathology (2010) 
Molecular Genetic Pathology, American Board of Pathology and American Board of Medical 
Genetics (2012) 

Contact Information
  • 414-937-6419
  • 414-937-6419
  • My research interests include the use of high-throughput sequencing technologies for clinical diagnostics and biomarker discovery, focused on transplantation and the molecular pathogenesis of lymphoma. Human leukocyte antigens (HLA) are key molecular determinants of the adaptive immune response, and also control the host immune response to bone marrow and solid-organ transplants. Clinically, the success of a transplant critically depends on a high degree of similarity between the HLA molecules of the donor and recipient. However, HLA genes are among the most polymorphic in the human genome, complicating our efforts to genotype patients using standard DNA sequencing techniques. Our recent work has demonstrated that newer high-throughput sequencing technologies can improve the accuracy of HLA genotyping by virtue of clonal template amplification and sequencing, and we are currently adapting this approach for routine clinical histocompatibility testing. In the future, we plan to broaden the use of high-throughput sequencing technologies to analyze other genes important for the immune response to transplants and to monitor patients for rejection.

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