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Red Cell Genotyping

Versiti's physicians and lab professionals have over 50 years experience helping blood banks and clinicians solve their most difficult transfusion problems. We understand your challenges and have designed our Red Blood Cell genotyping services to help you meet those challenges every day.

Versiti can deliver results faster and more cost effectively than other labs. More importantly, we also provide you with confidence in your results and patient care.

Versiti’s Red Blood Cell genotyping services will help you:

  • Improve transfusion patient care
  • Reduce red cell alloimmunization
  • Enhance red cell utilization
  • Potentially reduce donor base screening costs

Improving patient care in prenatal and transfusion cases

Patient Genotyping Panels

Versiti’s patient Red Blood Cell (RBC) genotyping panel can provide you the accuracy and confidence to ensure the highest quality of transfusion patient care. Our genotyping service allows you to characterize the alleles associated with clinically significant blood group antigens before or during treatment. These panels are especially beneficial for patients presenting with warm autoantibodies, positive DATs, and those who have been recently transfused.

Our panels fulfill all the requirements needed in today’s transfusion service:

  • Clinically significant antigens
  • Rapid turnaround time of less than 72 hours
  • Market-sensitive pricing

Prenatal Diagnostics

Versiti is a pioneer in prenatal red blood cell genotyping. We began offering this testing in 1995, and have over 20 years of expertise in Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn. Our physicians are always available to consult on high-risk pregnancy management, including intrauterine transfusions.

Veristi‘s prenatal Red Blood Cell genotyping services include:

  • Single antigen system testing
  • Case-based evaluations of mother, father and fetus
  • Phenotyping to rule in/out variant alleles
  • Antigen-negative and CMV-negative red cell products for intrauterine transfusions

Donor Screening

Versiti’s donor red blood cell genotyping can help you build a well characterized donor pool so you can meet the transfusion needs of future patients. Our service covers common and rare antigens, including those found in patients with sickle cell disease and thalassemia. Compared to serological antigen typing, Versiti’s high-throughput approach provides cost savings and supports patient care.

Versiti’s donor screening service will help you:

  • Potentially reduce donor RBC antigen screening costs
  • Quickly identify antigen negative units
  • Provide excellent patient care



Partial RhD Analysis

Mutations in RHD may result in amino acid substitutions in the D protein. If those substances change the appearance or structure of exposed parts of the antigen on the outside of the RBC (epitopes), the patient is described as having partial D.

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