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Butler University has teamed up with Versiti to make a difference in our communities


Stronger together, making an impact on over 600 lives in Indiana every year

Versiti’s mission is deeply rooted in the communities we serve. We depend on our community partners and sponsors to help us spread the word about the importance of blood donation and encourage people to donate blood. We believe that, together with Butler University, Versiti Blood Center of Indiana can strengthen the positive impact we make in our communities.

“We are committed to the shared vision, goals, objectives and strategies of the partnership between Butler and Versiti Blood Center of Indiana. Our partnership with Versiti enables the Butler Community to make a significant contribution of service locally.”

James Danko
President, Butler University

Butler University Blood Mobile

Versiti is the official community blood program of Butler University

We are proud to show our commitment to saving lives through Versiti's mission and our partnership by advocating for blood donation locally. Our communities will see this through our co-branded bus parked in locations across our city where you can jump on and save up to three lives though a blood donation. We will also host blood drives across campus and encourage our students and our community to donate blood or host a drive themselves! And, keeping with the competitive spirit that drives us, we hope to challenge one of our peer universities to a blood battle to see who is most committed to the mission.


Taking Indiana's young minds to new heights through career opportunities

Creating paths to help our next generation shine through career opportunities is one of the best impacts we can make on our future. In 2022 one of our premier student athletes, Myles Tate, is featured as a student and community advocate for blood donation. We are able to amplify our student internship program and offer many opportunities in sales, marketing, healthcare and more. We've had tremendous success and celebrate our alumni who have transitioned their career from Butler to Versiti, including Versiti's very own CEO and President, Chris Miskel.

Elevating diversity and inclusion

Versiti and Butler University share an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion in our organizations and the communities we serve. Our partnership allows us to make a larger impact on campus, by aligning to provide opportunities to fulfill the Butler Cultural Requirement (BCR) and developing unique programming in collaboration with Black Affairs and Community Engagement. We are stronger together.

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Our Partners
Local and national partners committed to strengthening communities by raising awareness for the lifesaving gift of blood.
Partnership Giving Opportunities
Support our lifesaving mission through sponsorships, corporate financial giving, blood donor incentives and more.
Versiti Partnership Benefits
Versiti partners and sponsors have access to Versiti’s active donor base and strengthen their brand image by aligning with a respected nonprofit organization.
Resources and Forms
Browse Versiti’s library of resources, including test requisitions and descriptions, blood donor information, educational materials, and more.