Versiti - Blood recipient Thomas is grateful for your blood donation.

Blood Recipient Thomas Williams Says Thanks

“Blood donation really does save lives.”

Thank you for being a Beacon of Hope and donating blood to help patients like Thomas, who survived leukemia thanks, in part, to blood and platelet transfusions.


As a blood donor, you are a beacon of hope to the countless patients who receive lifesaving blood transfusions. Thank you for helping to save the lives of patients like Thomas, a leukemia survivor.

“Blood donation really does save lives. I didn’t know until Thomas was in treatment that pretty much every child that goes through cancer treatment gets blood products,” says Thomas’ mom, Lori. “I always ask people, ‘If you could save my son’s life by giving blood, would you do it?’ And they always say yes.”

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia shortly after his 2nd birthday and endured grueling chemotherapy to combat his cancer. As part of his treatment, he received blood transfusions to keep his body strong.
Types of Donations

Learn more about the different types of blood donation and who they help.

Blood Donation FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about blood donation.


Platelet donor John makes it a point to dedicate each donation to someone whose life has been impacted by transfusions. “It’s never too late to start donating,” he says.

To ensure a safe, stable supply in your community, we encourage you to book your next appointment as soon as you’re eligible: whole blood – every 8 weeks; platelets - 2 weeks; plasma - 4 weeks; double reds - 16 weeks.

Thanks again, and see you soon!

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