Versiti - Thank you from the Cadiz family

The Cadiz Family Says Thanks

“Her first transfusion, we saw immediate relief.” Learn more about the difference blood donation made to Riley.

Thank you for being a Beacon of Hope and donating blood to help patients like Riley, who received blood and platelet transfusions during aggressive chemotherapy to treat leukemia.

As members of the Versiti family, we are stronger together. When you donate blood, you give patients like Riley the strength they need to endure grueling chemotherapy and fight leukemia.

“I think the blood transfusions really gave her the lifeline to keep fighting,” says Riley’s mom, Stephanie. “Her name means ‘valiant’ or ‘courageous,’ and that’s how I would describe her.”

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia shortly after his 2nd birthday and endured grueling chemotherapy to combat his cancer. As part of his treatment, he received blood transfusions to keep his body strong.
Types of Donations

Learn more about the different types of blood donation and who they help.

Blood Donation FAQs
Read frequently asked questions involving donor eligibility, donation process, blood safety, platelet donation, plasma donation and more.

Katie was diagnosed with fetomaternal hemorrhage at birth, during which she lost 80% of her blood in utero. She received three blood and platelet transfusions, saving her life.

To ensure a safe, stable supply in your community, we encourage you to book your next appointment as soon as you’re eligible: whole blood – every 8 weeks; platelets – 2 weeks; plasma – 4 weeks; double reds – 16 weeks.

Thanks again, and see you soon!