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Ida Mays

“Knowing that my blood could play a crucial role in saving lives, particularly for individuals battling sickle cell disease, filled me with a profound sense of fulfillment and joy.”

Ida Mays

“As I reflect on my journey as a blood donor, I’m reminded of the profound impact a single decision can have on not only our loved ones, but also on the lives of countless others in need.”

Ida Mays’ blood donor journey began unexpectedly, propelled by a moment of crisis in which her husband needed a blood transfusion during a hospital stay. “Prior to this experience, the thought of donating blood had never crossed my mind,” she says. “It was only when I was faced with the reality of my husband’s urgent need that I fully grasped the critical importance of blood donations.”

Witnessing first-hand the lifesaving power of donated blood ignited a deep sense of responsibility in Ida. “I realized that by donating blood, I could directly contribute to saving the lives of individuals like my husband, who rely on this vital resource,” she says.

Ida was further moved to donate blood when she discovered that she has the uncommon Ro blood type, which can make a significant impact on patients suffering from sickle cell disease. “Having cousins who battle this illness, I was acutely aware of the challenges they face and the constant need for specialized care,” she says. “Learning that my blood type could potentially provide relief and support to individuals battling sickle cell disease was a revelation that filled me with a sense of purpose and gratitude.”

Since then, Ida has embarked on a journey as a regular blood donor. “Each donation became more than just a simple act of charity; it became a tangible expression of hope and solidarity with those in need,” she says. “Knowing that my blood could play a crucial role in saving lives, particularly for individuals battling sickle cell disease, filled me with a profound sense of fulfillment and joy.”

“My journey as a blood donor has been both humbling and rewarding. It has taught me the importance of giving back to my community and supporting those in need, especially during times of crisis,” Ida says. “As I continue on this journey, I am reminded of the profound impact that each donation can have and the difference it can make in the lives of others. Through the simple act of donating blood, I am honored to play a small part in providing hope and healing to those who need it most.”

People need people, make a difference in someone’s life by donating blood.

We must rely on each other for the gift of blood, and patients in your community rely on the generosity of Versiti’s blood donors to help. Please consider scheduling an appointment to donate. If this is your first time, donating blood is quick, easy and relatively painless. And, it is a great way to give back and help patients in your community.

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Volunteer to donate blood at a blood donation center near you. Find out how often you can donate blood and make an appointment to donate today.
Importance of Diverse Donors
Diverse blood donations improve blood transfusion outcomes for sickle cell patients and diverse blood recipients. Make an appointment to donate blood.
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