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Ro Blood Type

The Ro blood type is extremely rare but is invaluable for patients with sickle cell disease.

How rare is Ro blood type? How does it help patients with sickle cell disease?


Why is the Ro Blood Type So Important?

Of the entire U.S. population, only 5% donate blood—that’s less than the entire population of New York City. Of that small group of generous donors, only a fraction have a blood type called Ro. Ro donors have special markers on their red blood cells, and while this blood type is normal, it’s uncommon.

Having Ro blood does not mean someone has or is at risk for sickle cell disease.

Ro blood cannot be created in a lab; it is only available as a result of the generosity of people like you.

As an Ro donor, you are special; you serve a unique need, and you have the power to save the lives of sickle cell patients in your community.

Help save lives in your community. Become a voluntary Ro blood donor today! 

Explore donation opportunities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.


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Ro Donor Webinar Series

As an Ro blood donor, you are truly special – one of only 4% of donors. Your blood means the world to families who rely on blood transfusions to lead normal lives. For example, an adult sickle cell patient needs 8-10 units of blood for just one transfusion – that’s over 60 units of blood per year per patient.

To learn more about the impact your blood donation has on diverse patient populations, you are invited to register for an upcoming free educational webinar.

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Why is Ro Blood Important and Who Needs It Flyer

As an Ro donor, you have the power to save lives of patients in your community, especially individuals battle sickle cell disease.

Ro Donor Referral Form

Ro blood donors like you – and potentially your family members – are truly special and have unique power to save lives in our community.

Want to help save more lives? If you are currently an Ro blood donor and wish to refer a family member, please enter your family member’s contact information below. A Versiti representative can connect with your family member about becoming a donor, too. As a thank you, you will receive a free downloadable infographic about your Ro blood type to share on social media.

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No, Ro characteristics on blood cells are not abnormal and perform normally. Ro does not mean that you have sickle cell.

The vast majority of blood recipients have no trouble. Patients on chronic transfusions, like those with Sickle Cell Disease, are at a higher risk for developing issues if more specifically matched blood is not available.

Perhaps, like all blood types Ro is inherited from your parents. There is a significant chance that others in your family also have this special type.

Versiti tests every donor’s blood to find the best matches for patients. This is how we ensure an ample blood supply for hospitals and patients. After donating, if your blood has Ro characteristics, Versiti may contact you to let you know your blood is very needed.

Ideally, three or more donations a year. Sickle Cell Disease patients reliant on transfusion require 8-10 units per month. That means they rely on 8-10 donors a month for one treatment. You are invaluable to these patients!

It is a normal blood type that is specially found in only 4% of our current donors.

They don’t express specific proteins that make their blood a safer transfusion for those with sickle cell disease.

Versiti supplies sickle cell disease programs locally and nationally, your blood will be sent to the patient that needs it most.
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