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Mario Higgins

Mario Higgins | Rare Blood Donor

Mario is a remarkable blood donor.  His blood has helped to save the lives of patients in 7 states. He has a missing protein in his blood. That missing protein affects one in 500 African Americans. He’s donated matched platelets for people he’ll probably never meet. 

As a rare blood donor, he understands the importance of donating to save lives – as well as Versiti’s expertise in finding just the right match for patients in need. 

Explore donation opportunities in IllinoisIndianaMichigan,and Ohio.

About Blood Donation
Donate blood, donate plasma or donate platelets at a blood donation center near you or a blood drive near you. Make an appointment to donate blood today.
Importance of Diverse Donors
Diverse blood donations improve blood transfusion outcomes for sickle cell patients and diverse blood recipients. Make an appointment to donate blood.
Rare and Uncommon Blood Types
Learn about rare and uncommon blood types, including the correlation between blood type and ethnicity and what blood types help patients with sickle cell.
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