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Get to know the members of the Pradhan-Sundd laboratory team at Versiti Blood Research Institute.

Principle Investigator

Rajdip Basnet
Rotational Graduate Student (Winter 2024)

Anna Moz
Post doctoral Fellow

Bibhav Shrestha
Research Technologist

Ashley Smith
Senior Research Technician

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Omika Katoch
  • Dr. Rama UV

Undergraduate Students

  • Shweta Gudapati
  • Ziming Li
  • Corrine Hanway
  • Ashley Jackson
  • Cathryn Fritzsimmons
  • Isabella Burholt
  • Isabella Munoz
The Pradhan-Sundd lab’s research focuses on chronic organ injury and the processes of hepatic hemoglobin, heme and iron clearance in sickle cell disease.
Tirthadipa “Dipa” Pradhan-Sundd and her research team have been published in a number of prestigious scientific and medical journals.
Image Gallery
Research images from the Pradhan-Sundd laboratory at Versiti Blood Research Institute.
Tirthadipa Pradhan-Sundd Laboratory
Tirthadipa “Dipa” Pradhan-Sundd’s laboratory at Versiti Blood Research Institute studies hepato-vascular cells in sickle cell disease and other hematological disorders.