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Kastrup Lab located upstairs in the Versiti Blood Center Institute.

Versiti Blood Research Institute

8727 W. Watertown Plank Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Christian Kastrup, PhD
Senior Investigator
Laura Ketelboeter, PhD
Lab Manager

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Prospective research trainees and volunteers interested in joining the lab should complete the form above or send Dr. Kastrup an email with their transcript and CV. Your CV may be shared with other lab members, with your permission. If you would prefer your CV not be shared, please let us know in your email. Postdoctoral fellows may need to secure external funding for their stipend at this time.

We are a group of biochemists and engineers working to gain a deeper understanding of how blood clotting is regulated and can be controlled therapeutically.
Christian Kastrup Laboratory
The Kastrup Lab is a group of biochemists and engineers working towards gaining a deeper upstanding of how clotting is regulated, enabling the development of novel therapeutics for hemostasis and thrombosis.
A list of biomedical-related publications published or co-published by the Christian Kastrop Laboratory.
Our lab is a positive and collaborative environment that prepares trainees for highly successful careers in science and engineering fields of academia, industry, and government.