Versiti - One Tree One Donation

One Tree One Donation

Save lives and save the planet! Thanks to Blood Centers of America and Forestmatic, all blood donors April 22-30, 2023, will have a tree planted in their honor.

Donate blood to save the earth and her people. This spring, Versiti will plant one tree for every blood donor during the April 22 to April 30, 2023, time period.* (*With valid email and via online redemption only). Generous blood donors like you can help us make a significant environmental and social impact for farming families around the world.

For this initiative, we are excited and proud to partner with Blood Centers of America and Forestmatic, an organization that is helping plant trees in several countries due to natural disasters and the global issue of devasting deforestation. Forestmatic has several verified tree-planting programs, with a data platform capable of tracking every single tree.

All donors with a valid email address on file who complete our redemption form (below) will receive a link and a tree ID planted in their honor for their donation. All donors will receive their link and ID on or around May 5. Donors can visit Tree Tracker - Forestmatic, enter their tree ID, and see the tree, along with the grower and planting information.

Trees will be planted in Uganda, Africa, in partnership with the Kijani Forestry. Donors can visit Forestmatic’s website at to learn more.


Versiti is part of a larger initiative with Blood Centers of America’s other not-for-profit blood centers to assist in planting over 160,000 trees in Uganda, in the North-East area of Africa in partnership with the Kijani Forestry. It is estimated that the project will contribute to sequestrate around 9,459 tons of equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2e) over the next 5 years, which is intended to support local farmers to restore degraded lands.

Through this work, local communities maintain long-term market access to vital resources like fuelwood, fruit and timber, while receiving education and access to the tools needed to implement agroforestry systems that will improve crops and help drive them out of poverty.

Due to your generous donations, together we are making a difference for people and our planet. Check back to see our progress and know that your donations are making a positive impact for patients and our planet.

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