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Karen-Sue Carlson, MD, PhD

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Karen Sue Carlson, MD, PhD

Associate Investigator (adjunct)

Stem Cell Biology

Associate Professor
Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology and Oncology 
The Medical College of Wisconsin

Associate Investigator (adjunct)
Blood Research Institute Versiti


Post-Graduate Clinical and Research Training
Postdoctoral Fellowship: The Rockefeller University (Mentor: Dr. Sidney Strickland)
Internal Medicine Internship: New York Presbyterian, Weill-Cornell Medical Center
Internal Medicine Residency: New York Presbyterian, Weill-Cornell Medical Center
Hematology/Oncology Fellowship: New York Presbyterian, Weill-Cornell Medical Center

MD/PhD Dual Degree program; Ph.D. from department of Biomolecular Chemistry (Mentor: Dr. Bradford Schwartz)
M.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.A. Chemistry; B.A. Music
Southern Methodist University

The focus of my laboratory is the development and malignant transformation of the hematopoietic niche.

We are trying to identify mechanisms that direct the development and maintenance of bone marrow niche, and to determine how these mechanisms are dysregulated by hematopoietic malignancy.

The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is an important regulator of the bone marrow niche and blood cell production. We are interested in determining the cellular and molecular factors that regulate the development, maintenance and repair of  sympathetic nerve fibers in the bone marrow.  

This is an important question to answer, because bone marrow malignancies such as acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and myelofibrosis (MF) cause a sympathetic neuropathy in the bone marrow that accelerates the malignant disease process.  

We hope that by identifying factors that regulate the health of bone marrow nerve fibers, we will identify novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of AML and MF.

Schwann Cells in Hematopoiesis (R03 HL155174-01)
Source:                       NHLBI
Role:                           Principal Investigator
Dates:                         12/1/2020 – 11/30/2022
Direct Funds:              $100,000 (total for two years)

Leukemia Research
Source:                       Paulette Kroll Leukemia Research Fund (MCW)
Role:                           Principal Investigator
Dates:                         6/13/2019 ongoing
Direct Funds:              $4,885.00

Neural Regulation of AML
Source:                       Scott Garrett Leukemia Research Foundation (Froedtert Hospital)
Role:                           Principal Investigator
Dates:                         12/10/ 2019 – 12/31/2020
Direct Funds:              $88,000 (total for 1 years)


Bone Marrow Failure in Mice Deficient for the Extracellular Matrix Component, Laminin-gamma1 (1K08HL127187)
Source:                       NIH
Role:                           Principal Investigator
Dates:                         4/1/ 2015 – 3/31/2020

Kristin Komnick
Research Technologist I

Link to Full List of Publications (MyNCBI)


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