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ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital-Mukwonago

ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital-Mukwonago
240 Maple Ave.
Mukwonago, WI 53149
June 12, 2024
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Schedule Your Appointment at a ProHealth Care Community Blood Drive

You never know whose life you might save with a visit to one of ProHealth Care’s Community Blood Drives. Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin is the primary, and sole, provider of blood products to all hospitals and clinics – the hospitals that care for our loved ones. By donating blood at a ProHealth Care Community Blood Drive, you will be impacting the lives of many in your community.

Make your appointment using the Schedule Donation button. You can change your appointment online if necessary, or feel free to call us anytime at 877-232-4376.

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Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin
Blood Donation FAQs
Read frequently asked questions involving donor eligibility, donation process, blood safety, platelet donation, plasma donation and more.
Types of Donations
Volunteer to donate blood at a blood donation center near you. Find out how often you can donate blood and make an appointment to donate today.
Importance of Diverse Donors
Diverse blood donations improve blood transfusion outcomes for sickle cell patients and diverse blood recipients. Make an appointment to donate blood.
Impact Stories
Your blood, organ and tissue, and other donations directly impact lives in your community. Read a few of the examples of some of the lives that have been changed for the better.