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MPN Reflex (ET/PMF)

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Test Information
JAK2 V617F Mutation Analysis is always performed. If JAK2 V617F is negative, CALR Mutation Analysis is performed at an additional charge. If no CALR mutation is detected, MPL Exon 10 Mutation Analysis is performed at an additional charge.
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Disease State
Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
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Test Type
Genetic Test
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Sample Notes
EDTA Whole Blood (lavender top) or EDTA Bone Marrow (lavender top) or DNA (High Quality)
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Requested Volume
2-5 ml EDTA Whole Blood (lavender top) or 2-5 ml EDTA Bone Marrow (lavender top) or High Quality DNA >= 500 ng at 25 ng/ul
Minimum / Pediatric Volume Icon
Minimum / Pediatric Volume
2 ml EDTA Whole Blood (lavender top) or 2 ml EDTA Bone Marrow (lavender top)
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Additional Sample Information
Indicate on specimen tube and requisition whether sample/DNA is from whole blood or bone marrow.
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Shipping Information
Room Temperature
CPT Codes Icon
CPT Codes
  • JAK2 V617F: 81270; CALR: 81219; MPL Exon 10: 81338
  • 81339
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See Individual Tests
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Turnaround Time
JAK2 V617F: 5-7 days; CALR reflex: 5-7 additional days; MPL Exon 10 reflex: 5-10 additional days
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New York State Approval
Please contact Versiti Client Services for the latest New York State approval information
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